Sirkowski, Atheism, and Respect

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is Atheism a Religion?

(Note: I am gonna do something that will get me banned from DeviantArt, so I’m cleaning my account and saving some journal posts on my Blog. Think of it as a best of.)

Everytime [sic] I write about religion, there’s always someone who has to come and tell me that atheism is a religion too. Is a void filled with emptiness [sic]? No, it’s not filled with anything, it’s empty you morons! Atheism is the absence of religious belief. How can you have a religion without religious belief? Is simple logic out of your grasp? Sniffed too much glue after school?

I don’t care that these ignorant farts are 12 years old moral relativists who don’t know how to spell, they still need to go fuck themselves.

I don’t mind having an argument [sic] with someone who isn’t a fucking ignorant prick. I can disagree respectfully with someone who’s logic didn’t come out of his rectum. I don’t even mind if people are religious, one of my best friend is a Christian and we never had any arguement [sic] at all about religion. But if your critical thinking skills are so flawed you can’t even make the difference between 1 and 0, fuck respect and fuck you! You deemed fit to waste my time with your ignorant opinion, I’m gonna [sic] have you know how unpleasant it was. Civility has it’s [sic] limits and so does my patience.

Now, if you think this post is aimed at you, no it isn’t. It’s cute that you think I would remember who you are, but you’re not that lucky. This entry isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, it’s aimed at the part of humanity that thinks reality will bent [sic] to their fit their views. But if you take it personnaly [sic] nonetheless and feel inclined to reply, you better read this entry again because you obviously still don’t get it. And after that, if you still don’t get it, try this other journal entry:

First, some definitions: Negative Atheism is an absence of religious beliefs. It is different from agnosticism because it claims that people can know the truth about religious claims. For a negative atheist, there is no persuasive reason to believe in God. On the other hand, Positive Atheism is a claim about the truth of religious beliefs, namely that they are false; there are good reasons to not believe in God. In any case, Atheism is a claim about the nature of the world and the truth-value of other people’s claims about the world. I would suggest that Sirkowski read Michael Martin’s Atheism: A Philosophical Justification.

Two questions:

  1. What are the limits to civility?
  2. What is the nature of religious belief?

By the way, I would suggest that Sirkowski not denigrate those “who don’t know how to spell” when he, in fact, has demonstrable trouble spelling and difficulty with English grammar.


2 Responses to Sirkowski, Atheism, and Respect

  1. Heather says:

    You know by defining the two sets of atheism, you didn’t prove any argument here against his claim other than he makes typos.

  2. Heather 2 says:

    You knou, Heather, by defining your opinion in your post, you didn’t prove any argument here against Sirkowski Watch other than he makes you angry.

    -Much better now :-D

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