Sirkowski’s Hatred is Confronted

Matthew said…
I like your artwork. Therefore, blindly, I assumed you were a pretty cool person. That was until I visited your website.Sadly, most of your posts revolve around hatred, particularly against Christians. Your view of the world is that all religious people are bigots and “fucktards”. You claim that the most ignorant, dumbass nations in the world are also the most religious, and yet….I don’t see too many religious people relying on words like “fucktard” to convey their opinion (but I’m sure through your own eyes they always seem to convey their opinions in the most red-necked, uninformed way imaginable).

What I ask you is this: what breeds people like you? Are you a product of years of Christians pissing on your parade, or are you just naturally hateful? If you don’t mind me asking, really….what is the deal with you? You claim to be liberal, but the ways in which you express your disagreement with religion are so far out there that even the most liberal politicians would shake their head in shame upon viewing this website. I’m not going to preach at you that your comics are tasteless, or your hentai is sickening. Hell no. I view all that shit, and I like it. I’m just preaching at you that you *could* express yourself far more maturely, that you *could* not be as hateful, bigoted, and ignorant as most of the religious people you put down, but I don’t expect that you will.

What is your deal with Christians, or even conservatives in general? You seem to think we’re all stereotypes. Well, I guess I better go handle my snake again, then. And pray to Jebus for your soul sake. But not before telling you you’re going to hell but that God loves you! :P

“You’re going to hell but God loves you!”

There. I’d hate to shatter your beloved stereotypes that you cling to so desperately as being an everlasting of humor from which you can draw inspired posts and comic strips from.

7:30 AM
Sirkowski said…
If you’re not a bigot, you shouldn’t feel concerned. If you do feel concerned, that’s your problem.And yes, I’m not cool. Glad you finaly found that out. e_e

4:26 PM

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