Sirkowski Takes on Mary Cheney

Sirkowski Says:
What kind of evil will come out of a Republican dyke’s vagina?

December 7th, 2006 at 10:40 am

In this instance, Sirkowski would surely defend his use of highly objectionable language on the grounds that he is just trying to  be funny.  He might be said to be speaking in the “voice” of those whom he disagrees.  In other instances, he has claimed that his use of “dyke” was satirical, calling into question the sincerity of those who would criticize him by pointing out that they are hypocrites; Republicans or conservatives who are, in Sirkowski’s opinion “anti-Gay”, have no right to object to his use of a gay slur as a gay slur; Sirkowski uses “dyke” because it is a slur.

Questions begged:

  1. Republicans are “anti-Gay”
  2. Republicans are evil
  3. Sirkowski is funny and his attempt that humor is recognized as such

One Response to Sirkowski Takes on Mary Cheney

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