Sirkowski and the Explortion of Ideology

“What people believe others believe must in some sense depend on what they themselves believe.” Sniderman, Brody, and Tetlock, 1991.

What is the purpose of criticizing Sirkowski’s political writings? Is Sirkowski himself in any way an important enough political figure to justify a public criticism? Obviously, on these grounds, the answer is a resounding “No”; Sirkowski is eminently forgettable, profoundly ignorant, and blessed with almost nothing unique to say.

What motivates my criticism of Sirkowski is not his importance; I wish to criticize him specifically because he is not important. Sirkowski’s hubris interests me. If I were a superhero, I would be Self-Reflection Man (thanks to Frazz).

Sirkowski presents his opinions in an arrogant fashion. He will not admit the existence of facts or of plausible arguments that may cause him to reconsider his point of view. In Sirkowski’s world, anyone who disagrees with him is ignorant, stupid, or evil. In all things, Sirkowski is dogmatically certain; I will ask questions of Sirkowski in order to expose dogmatism as an empty shell of opinion. I do not expect him to answer, at least not in a civil tone, as this is not his style. This blog exists to puncture Sirkowski’s certainty.

I will also, using this blog, attempt to raise the level of dialogue. Unlike the often racist and execrable Malkin(s) Watch, or the overly sarcastic Olbermann Watch, I will actually deal with Sirkowski’s arguments. If I get the chance, I will draw them out, labeling each premise, assumption, or bit of evidence as such. I am not here to offer opinions about Sirkowski’s status as an artist or a human being. My field of inquiry and criticism will consist solely of Sirkowski’s public political statements.

I will not ban commenters or delete comments from this blog, with one exception. Advertisements that are not germane to the discussion I will eliminate without prejudice. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me; vent your spleen, as your own rhetorical excesses will only discredit you further.

Encyclopedia Dramatica’s definition of Liberal. 

Sirkowski is a pornographer (NSFW).


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