Sirkowski’s Opinion Regarding Trolls

At Liberal Avenger, Sirkowski wrote:

Troll don’t have opinions. They’re not real people. They’re to be crushed into a paste, to be bake into delicious and nutrient green crackers.

Sirkowski demonstrates a dubious grasp of the English language.

Sirkowski’s lesson?  Never, ever take a comment seriously, no matter how sensible, intelligent, or logical the content, if you believe it to be made by a troll.  Sirkowski is about never thinking outside his prejudices.  While Sirkowski is quick to condemn hypocrisy in others, his own is always justified, in one way or another.


3 Responses to Sirkowski’s Opinion Regarding Trolls

  1. Fredrick Pharkas says:

    You’re a wanker. I’m Trolling, but you’re still a wanker.

    [Deleted tubgirl. That’s just too much.]

  2. Fredrick Pharkas 2 says:

    You´re a wanker, Fredrick. You´re Trolling, but you´re still a wanker.

    -Much better now :-D

    [Playboy is nsfw]

  3. Fredrick Pharkas says:

    btw, Sirkowski’s first language isn’t English, but at least he doesn’t st up silly little emo-blogs like this.

    [Goatse? Please.]

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